Bay Model / Technical Development

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One of our requirements for studio was to develop a bay model section of our building. I chose to develop the the Gathering space since it is the hub of the school for students. The ceiling design is mainly composed of baffles with pendant lights sporadically placed in between them. Elsewhere, drywall is used for the ceiling where the balcony is to keep it simple and let the gathering space be highlighted. The the slanted curtain wall's support was highly considered in the development of this bay model. 6" Steel HSS tubes are used as the main supportive structure for the glass. A vertical grid of columns act as the main frame that supports the angled columns in place. Welded HSS beams extend out of the main frame to attach to the mullions in the curtain wall and the perforated metal's z-clips.

[Perspective from Revit + Enscape, Photoshopped by Me]

The detailed wall section allows architects to further develop the materials used to make up the exterior. Typically, there would be multiple wall sections for every unique instance where multiple materials meet. For the purposes of this studio course we were only required to fully develop one wall. I feel as if I learned a lot about construction while researching solutions for this façade design. The wall section shows how the shading device is additionally supported at the top by a steel brace. The perforated metal also acts a parapet for the building to hide the roof.

[Wall Section from Revit, Annotated on InDesign by Me]

The explodometric shows the layers of the building. The order form top to bottom is roofing, HVAC, metal panel cladding, steel structural system, and the walls. The HVAC is simple, as it follows the geometry of the facility. Slot diffusers are embedded in the balcony to cool the two-leveled height. This free's the ceiling design from needing exhaust grills since there is no HVAC.
The callout depicts how the gathering space looks in the context of the building as a whole.

[Perspective from Revit, Photoshopped by Me]