Poverty, Inc.

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Mason Bailey
November 16, 2022
Discussion Paper: Poverty, Inc
describe this aspect in the movie (what happens, with whom, why is it entrepreneurship/entrepreneurial)
In the Movie, Poverty, Inc., poverty is talked about and how it affects different countries around the world. The film starts off with the explanation of the crisis of poverty and why poverty is happening. Whenever a crisis happens and people need aid or assistance, the human population's first idea is to send supplies to help. Once the help is received enough to “reverse” The damage, the market for all of the supplies given crash because there is not a need in the market for those items anymore. The aid given could potentially harm the country if it is provided with more than what is needed. Since supplies were given or even overstocked, that supply given is not needed which therefore results in a loss of jobs, which means loss of income, which entails for people going homeless and not being able to provide for their families. This can be described as the harmful area of entrepreneurship. A donation in abundance of anything creates a free market in that area of supply which in result forces manufacturers of that supply to shut down. Governments allow this because of the profit they gain from this as well as the recognition of doing a good deed for the community.
discuss why it is interesting
The idea of giving too much aid to where a market crashes on itself because of the aid is interesting to me. What interests me most is how fragile a market is considering it is all just a guessing game. With a government that is supposed to help us and do whatever is needed to support the given country it is running, it is surprisingly easy for it to be harmed enough for an economic crisis. I also find that the market not only affects the manufacturer but the consumer just as heavy. As jobs are lost because of a surplus, families are as well. Without a stable income and not being able to provide for needs, families are split apart simply because they cannot afford it.
elaborate on the interaction/relationship between entrepreneurship and society from the perspective of the movie how does this aspect of entrepreneurship affect society? How does society affect/stifle/support this aspect of entrepreneurship? What is the interaction between this aspect of entrepreneurship and society like?
The relationship between entrepreneurship and society falls back into the main category of the entrepreneur and using supplies for other uses. All society needs/ wants is for organizations that are producing too much to use that material for other uses which would therefore, open up new job opportunities for people to work, and be able to support themselves as well as their families. Society would support this aspect of entrepreneurship if it happened more often. If governments didn’t regulate business just for markets to crash even more, then maybe some countries and/or cities wouldn’t be in poverty. Society affects this aspect of entrepreneurship because society is the one who wants to work to make things right. The main way society would be able to do that would be for businesses to open up new areas for people to work in and support their economy.