Week 07 Response -- Balancing Regulation with Freedom

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This is a response to the question posed by @atamme, "How do you recommend that balance of government regulation and societal freedom be found?"

To find regulation balance, I would recommend that the United States should test regulations with states that would be willing to try those regulations. If there are any problems that arise in the state due to the new regulation, the federal government should assist in the recovery of the state as the regulations are removed and rewritten. I would not suggest that the states retain the regulations during the transition period because of the problems the regulation creates. Instead, I would suggest removing the regulation and reevaluating it to solve the problems it creates. After some period of time for transitioning, I would reestablish the revised regulation. A problem with my suggestion is there may be some scenarios where the problematic regulation improves more than it ruins. Another problem for my suggestion is the frequency of the change in regulation can add stress to small companies or society. My reasoning for this method is to find good regulation that does not submit too much freedom. With limiting regulation to specific states, the impact of these regulations can be minimalized compared to the nation as a whole. In order to prevent unnecessary regulation, regulations should be tested in a state that approves of it. If no states approve of a regulation, there would be no purpose for it. However, if there are some states that approve and some do not, no states are forced into accepting the regulation from other states. Each state is different; regulation may not transfer well between states. I would suggest that states cooperate on sharing what regulations worked well and the problems due to regulation. A good piece of regulation, in my opinion, is regulation that protects the natural rights of the people. The natural rights I think of include the right of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the end, if regulation does strive for protecting natural rights, societal freedom should be protected.

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