Week 08 Response -- One Question

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This is a response for the class question “If you are opposed to a Universal Basic Income (UBI), what would it take to gain your support (i.e. describe a UBI proposal that could potentially garner your support)? If you are generally in favor of a UBI, under what conditions would you no longer favor it (i.e. what restrictions or limitations would be a 'deal-breaker' for you)?” by @trostparadox .

I am not opposed to the idea of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), but I do find that it is difficult to make a system that functions correctly for the purpose of a UBI. I like the idea of preventing starvation by providing funding for basic needs, but I do find that this ideal may not be realistically good for everyone. When you provide enough money to live with a well-rounded diet, my concern is about any excess money that may begin to build as a result. This could reduce the incentive to work; however, I think reality would prove that people spend that kind of spare money on other things just as important and they would be willing to work to make a more lavish living. If a person is under the influence of illegal substances, I would be worried some living money provided would be used to fuel the substance abuse that is very addictive.
Another concern for me is the effects of a UBI on grocery stores and clothing stores. If such a system as a UBI is in place, I would be opposed if prices kept rising in stores to influence the amount of money provided for basic needs. If the UBI system in place doesn’t change income based on the price of basic needs, I would be opposed because stores would just inflate the price so only people that have a well providing job can purchase decent amounts and quality of basic needs while receiving small change for lower quality goods.
A deal-breaker for me would be if taxes are set to take above a third of the worked income of a person. If a person is assigned to a job, I would be against such a system especially if the job assignment is unchangeable. I would also be opposed if companies receive subsidies along with the basic needs funds from their customers. I would consider medical bills to be a basic need, but if there is a health care legislation providing for that need, I would be against funding extra money through a UBI system. Overall, I think a UBI system could be good, but when creating such a system there would be many factors to correct for in order to make a UBI fair.