How Google Uses Ephemeral Experiences to Control Thinking & Behavior Lecture Reflection

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Dr. Robert Epstein is a Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavior Research and Technology. A lot of the time people are using google without even knowing. Millions of websites rely on google analytics to track traffic because it is “free”. The problem is that Google terms of service says that they have a right to track everything you do without notification. Since google was providing their tracking services for free, they started to sell the data they track to matching vendors. Essentially, the users of Google are the product they sell which has raised criticism. The content they own is worth billions of dollars which is why they have not encrypted their platform. Google created their own browser, Chrome, to always track individuals on all of their devices. Android is Google’s mobile’s operating system. Google started as a search engine and shifted into data collection. After acquiring YouTube, they can promote the videos that they see popular. They have also recently bought Fitbit to track physiological data. Bias search results have swayed public opinion on certain political elections. In 2015, the speaker published a paper with five experiments on bias. The users that were able to notice the bias were not prone to the bias. Moderate Republicans are the easiest to manipulate with Google’s tactic’s of implementing bias. The speaker has more trust in democracy rather than democrats but identifies as center-left. Most of the world searches the web on google, except for China. Google used their search engine as they please and not to a specific party. In Cuba, Google supports the right. Google has also worked with China to further control what their population views. Siri is an intelligent personal assistant that gets all her information from google. Apple pays Google 6 million a year to access their search engine. Yahoo also gets their answers from Google. In the speaker’s upcoming research paper, they are mimicking Alexa AI, Dyslexia, to prove manipulation in information portrayed. The speaker has shared his research with Senator Cruz to bring forth Google’s manipulation. Google turned off their manipulation for Georgia by disabling their bias. The speaker was surprised that the ability to turn off the bias was possible. The speaker believes that we should create a monitoring system in all 50 states to protect democracy. The content that is promoted on the internet should be protected from our children because they are only worried about profit. The internet has created all types of influence at mass scales.