My First Crypto

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I first got involved about halfway through the 2010s.

As a younger person, I did not have great computer equipment, and when I did I often was uneducated in the area or to preoccupied with other interests to devote that equipment to crypto. However, I did use some of my available technology to mine both Bitcoin and Litecoin when they were both still in pretty early stages. I kept and used some of both and have always been involved in the market, but have maintained what I think is a healthy dose of skepticism which I still maintain today. 

One thing I would recommend to someone getting involved with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is to make sure they fully understand what they are getting into. One privilege I had from being involved in the market very early, was that I got to watch it evolve, and I got to mine for crypto at a time where it was not in most cases far from cost-effective for the average person to do so. Many people today jump into the market space without knowing basics like the fundamentals of blockchain, what a crypto wallet is, or even how different forms of miners and marketplaces exist. As crypto becomes more widespread, people are fed small bits of information, but the space is so large at this point that it is hard to catch up the later you get involved. 

I have always looked at crypto and the market that surrounds it as a learning experience, and in that way I think I can draw the most value from it.


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