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You accepted the Vice Principal's offer and dusted yourself off. Following them, you are led down the unfamiliar but monochromatic school hallways. Ushered into the Vice Principal's office, you find yourself face to face with the group. Oddly enough, you notice that the thermostat in this room is non-functional as well. Ms. Sheridan states aloud, "We didn't mean to involve you in this, but we need you to stick with us for now." "What is going on?", you inquire. The Vice Principal quickly shuts down this line of questioning. It seems that they do not want you to know. Recusing yourself to a leather couch on the side of the room, you observe the panicked movements of Ms. Sheridan and the Vice-Principal. They both are going through every nook and cranny of the room while hurriedly shoving items into their bags. You hear the Vice Principal remark to Ms. Sheridan, "We need to find Grant, stat." She doesn't think you could hear her. They both approach you and make hand motions towards the door. "Time to go." You let them leave first and make a split-second decision. Darting back across the room, you attempt to remove the thermostat from the wall. It comes off easily and reveals a hidden indentation holding a small orb. You grab it and put it in your pocket, wondering it if might be somehow tied to all of this secrecy. You make it out of the door before it had fully closed to avoid suspicion, and rejoin the pair as they exit the school building.

Should You...?
Continue to exit the building
See if there is more to explore in the school building

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This is really well written.

I feel like I am in a video game scenario. I'm glad you placed the link to your first story so I could follow. Sorry I had a busy week last week but I want to keep our story going. I was really encouraged to read this.

The one thing I would add to your story is a picture. You take take one with your cell phone or use a picture from a public domain place like Pixabay or draw a picture, but it is easier to see posts that have some sort of cover picture.

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